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Hello, I'm Ian Fajardo.

I am a passionate Software Engineer & Web Developer based in the DC/Northern VA area.

My interests lie in front-end development such as creating websites, branding, and user interfaces. I am well versed in many front-end and back-end web languages and all things awesome on the web.

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Form Follows Function

I believe that the design of a piece of work should complement
its features and not hinder or complicate them.

Personal Work

Thai Arroy
Website for Thai restaurant in Virginia Beach. The site is mobile responsive using bootstrap and the google maps API for the footer section.
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Instagram Clone
This Instagram clone allows you to take pictures and post it online for others to see. This was built using the Ionic Platform.
Currently App
Weather application for iOS that gets data from The app shows a 7-day forecast including the current day. This was built using Apple's new language Swift.
Non-Profit Website
Friends of Integral Education is an apolitical not for profit Charity created to facilitate the improvement of educational careers in rural communities in Cameroon. I am still currently working with this organization to get their website created. I am using Wordpress with custom theme.
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Velvet Kitchen
Website Template
A generic resutarant wordpress theme with a responsive side bar.
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Visual Euphoria
Photography Website
Features fixed attatchment sections on the frontpage stacked on each other. Each page was created with minimalism in mind. The images gallery uses the Isotope javascript plugin for filtering.I made use of the Pace javascript plugin showing a loading bar before the content was completely loaded.
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Matt & Lani 2014
Wedding Website
A simple one page password protected website for Matthew and Lani. It featured a fixed top nav bar and a paralax scrolling header image. Included is also a javascript image gallery showing a timeline with polaroid images. I customized Twitter Bootstrap framework for this website.
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Organization of Young Filipino Americans
Organization Website
Created the original website design for the Organization of Young Filipino Americans (OYFA) using Twitter Bootstrap from the ground up. I implemented a store using Paypal, a blog, and an alumni database using SQL and updated the website.
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Resume & GitHub

In addition to these, I have also worked on many other commerical websites as a web developer. Please view my resume for more details. There's also a lot more to check out on my GitHub for projects ranging from website design, iPhone apps, node.JS web servers and more!

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